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Getting Started Guide

A step-by-step walk through of Travefy to help you get started.

Quick Tutorials:


Your Profile, Account and Settings

Get a quick tour of the interface, profile and settings inside your Travefy account.

In this tutorial:

  • Filling out your Profile
  • Add your branding
  • Tour of the interface
  • Finding your Account & Settings options


Creating Your First Trip, Itinerary Builder Overview

Start building your first trip and get a quick overview of the itinerary builder interface.

In this tutorial:

  • Create a New Trip
  • Set the Trip Name and Date
  • Adding Events (bookings and information)
  • Finding your Library and the City Guides
  • Options for sharing an itinerary


Adding Flights

Learn how to add flights with Travefy's live flights database.

In this tutorial:

  • Add flights via airline + flight number
  • GDS flight parsing
  • Other flight options
  • Adding flights manually
  • Adding seat numbers and other details


Adding Hotels

Learn how to add hotels from Travefy's worldwide places database or add custom places.

In this tutorial:

  • Add hotels from Travefy's places database of millions of hotels
  • Add custom places (manual entry)
  • Adding notes and reservation details
  • Importing photos of hotels
  • Virtuoso Content and Amenities


Adding Activities and Excursions

Add beautiful, customized excursions, activities and tours to your itinerary in a snap.

In this tutorial:

  • Add excursions and tours
  • Add places and content
  • Add notes and details
  • Adding notes and reservation details
  • Importing photos

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Importing From Suppliers

Import itineraries or bookings from 70+ suppliers and cruise lines.

In this tutorial:

  • Importing cruise itineraries from 30+ cruise lines
  • Importing land tour itineraries from 40+ suppliers
  • Direct import from suppliers


Adding City Guides

Add City Guides and destination information from Travefy's Library of over 620 destinations.

In this tutorial:

  • Adding City Guides
  • Adding single points of interest
  • Creating custom City Guides


Using The Library

Save time by saving content and information to your Library to add to future itineraries or proposals.

In this tutorial:

  • Overview of the Library
  • How to save information to the Library
  • Events and Content/Places
  • Organizing your Library with labels


Sending Trips To Clients + Inviting Collaborators

Travefy allows you to send trips to clients via shareable web link, PDF or mobile apps.

In this tutorial:

  • Sending clients the itinerary via the shareable web link
  • Exporting a PDF version of the itinerary
  • Giving clients access to the mobile apps
  • Inviting collaborators


Mobile Apps

Download the Travefy Pro app to view your client trips and give your clients access to the Trip Plans app to view their itinerary and chat with you.

In this tutorial:

  • Overview of mobile app functionality
  • Giving your clients access to the mobile apps
  • How clients download the app and access the itinerary
  • Chat messaging with your clients



Use Travefy's proposals to streamline your sales process and look professional with clients.

In this tutorial:

  • Creating proposals
  • Getting instant, online approval from clients
  • Automatated proposal management
  • Custom terms, conditions, disclaimers


Working With Groups

Travefy works beautifully with selling to groups, check out this tutorial to get started with groups.

In this tutorial:

  • Creating master itineraries
  • Creating copies for each group member
  • Uploading groups via spreadsheet upload
  • Using group itinerary management and tagging


Using Contacts

Manage all of your client information right inside Travefy.

In this tutorial:

  • Creating and managing client information
  • Adding client contact details
  • Adding contacts to trips


Forms: Collecting Client Information

Create and send forms to collect client information quickly and efficiently.

In this tutorial:

  • Creating custom forms
  • Sharing forms with clients and groups
  • Viewing submitted forms from clients


Website and Landing Page Builder

Create and launch your travel website in minutes.

In this tutorial:

  • Choosing a theme template
  • Choosing website layout elements
  • Customizing branding and colors
  • Adding content and photos
  • Setting SEO attributes

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Did you know we love to chat with travel pros and help them get started? It's true.

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