A free & easy group travel planner.

Travefy is a free web app that makes it simple & fun to plan trips with friends and groups.

Plan a new trip

Easy trip planning. Less hassle.

Plan the trip together.

Planning a trip with a group is complicated. Travefy makes it easy with:

  • Group invites & RSVPs via email, Facebook or Gmail
  • A single place to discuss all trip details
  • Simple planning & organization tools
  • Group polling for dates & destinations

Make it a trip you'll never forget.

Discover over 8 million restaurants, activities & deals. Let the group share & comment on ideas for what to do at your destination.

Find amazing hotels & vacation rentals.

Search from over one million hotels & vacation rentals to find the perfect homebase for your trip. Book it, then collect money from the group to pay for it.

Make a custom itinerary.

Build fun, helpful itineraries with all of your trip's stops. Automatically include helpful information like addresses, phone numbers, hours and pricing.

Your itinerary is accessible from any mobile device. No need to download any apps, our mobile-optimized site is ready to fly.

Split trip expenses & collect money.

Leave the akward conversations about splitting the bill at home. Travefy's expense manager makes it easy to collect trip deposits, track expenses and get paid back on things you covered for the group. See what you're owed, who owes what and if they have paid.