Getting Started Guide

A step-by-step walk through of Travefy to help you get started.

Trip Builder



Get a quick overview of Travefy’s award-winning itinerary builder.

In this tutorial:

  • Introduction to the trip builder interface
  • Setting & trip details
  • Adding events
  • Sending & sharing itineraries with clients



A quick overview of getting started building quotes and proposals with Travefy.

In this tutorial:

  • View a sample proposal
  • Creating a proposal
  • Adding bookings, events and content
  • Client workflow of approving a proposal


Sending Trips & Collaboration

Learn how to send itineraries to clients and use collaboration.

In this tutorial:

  • Sending itineraries to clients
  • Exporting PDFs
  • Viewing the web itinerary
  • Accessing the mobile apps
  • Using collabortion


Mobile Apps

Take your client's experience to the next level with Travefy's mobile apps! The app will allow clients to view trips on the go, stay connected with you, and more.

In this tutorial:

  • Mobile app features
  • How clients access the Trip Plans app
  • Travefy Pro app for travel advisors
  • Troubleshooting



Use Travefy to save time managing group itineraries, quotes, and proposals.

In this tutorial:

  • Using group itinerary management and tagging
  • Creating templates and copies for groups

Content & Suppliers


Adding Flights

Learn how to import live flight schedules from Travefy's built-in global flights database.

In this tutorial:

  • Travefy's quick-add flights tool
  • Importing booking confirmation emails
  • GDS copy/paste options
  • Automatic flight updates


Adding Hotels

Learn how to add hotels from Travefy's worldwide hotel database or create custom places.

In this tutorial:

  • Travefy's built-in hotel database of 1.3 million properties
  • Adding content & photos
  • Accessing Virtuoso and SELECT hotel content


Supplier & Booking Imports

Import itineraries or bookings from hundreds of suppliers integrated into Travefy.

In this tutorial:

  • Importing from 60+ cruise lines
  • Importing from 40+ tour operators for packaged/scheduled itineraries
  • Custom booking imports
  • Adding new supplier integrations
  • View all supported suppliers here


Activities & Excursions

Add beautiful, customized excursions, activities, and tours to any itinerary or proposal in a snap.

In this tutorial:

  • Adding activities & excursions
  • Importing content


Adding Content

Make your itineraries and proposals stand out with eye-catching, photos, videos and content!

In this tutorial:

  • Travefy's built-in stock photo library
  • Uploading photos
  • Importing photos from supplier websites
  • Importing video


City Guides

Add City Guides and destination information from Travefy's Library of over 640+ destinations.

In this tutorial:

  • Using City Guides
  • Adding City Guides
  • Creating custom City Guides



Save time by saving content and information to your Library to add to future itineraries or proposals.

In this tutorial:

  • Overview of the Library
  • Creating content and saving to your Library
  • Organizing your Library


Library Sharing

Share your Library content with other Travefy users!

In this tutorial:

  • Library sharing overview
  • Sharing content from your Library to another Travefy user
  • Adding content to your Library from another user
  • Explore Travefy’s free Library Sharing Gallery to add content to your own Library


Contacts Overview

Learn how to get started with Travefy's simple CRM.

In this tutorial:

  • Contacts interface walkthrough
  • Importing, adding, editing contacts
  • Sending forms
  • Using Contacts with Forms, Tasks, & Automations



Collect information quickly, seamlessly, and securely from clients with forms in Travefy.

In this tutorial:

  • What are forms and how to use them
  • Setting up a form
  • Sending and collecting form responses from clients
  • Explore sample forms to save and use in your account


Credit Card Authorization

Use PCI-compliant credit card authorization forms to securely collect and store client payment details.

In this tutorial:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Creating credit card authorization forms
  • Sending forms to clients
  • Viewing client payment details


Automation & Tasks

Set up tasks, reminders, and automations within your Travefy account so you never miss a beat!

In this tutorial:

  • Feature overview and where to locate in your account
  • Setting up tasks and automations for trips and contacts
  • Assigning tasks to other team members
  • Explore sample Task Lists to save and use in your account


Invoicing & Payments

Easily and securely collect client payments for planning fees or professional fees directly in your Travefy account.

In this tutorial:

  • Invoice overview and how to set up
  • Setting up your Stripe account
  • Creating and sending invoices to your clients


Website Builder (Pages)

Learn how to create and host your website in Travefy.

In this tutorial:

  • Website builder overview
  • Creating new website elements
  • Domain masking


Landing Pages

Watch this quick video to learn how to market your trips with Travefy's landing page builder. This is perfect for creating a branded marketing page to promote group trips, packages, cruises, destination weddings and more.

In this tutorial:

  • Overview of how to create a landing page
  • Adding content & links
  • Creating registration forms
  • Sharing & promoting landing pages


Domain Masking

Take your branding to the next level and domain mask your website and landing page within Travefy!

In this tutorial:

  • Overview of domain masking & how it works
  • How to set it up Domain Masking


Search Engine Optimizaton (SEO)

Here are quick tips to help your Travefy website be found by search engines with SEO best practices.

In this tutorial:

  • Learn what SEO is how it works with your website
  • Where to add SEO within your pages
  • Best practices and tips
  • Learn more about SEO here


Analytics (Google, Meta)

Add Meta Pixel and Google Analytics into your Travefy account to track your website and pages built in Travefy.

In this tutorial:

  • Analytics overview and how it’s used in Travefy
  • Setting up Meta Pixel
  • Setting up Google analytics

Account, Profile & Settings


Account Overview & Profile

Get a quick tour of the interface, profile, and settings inside your Travefy account.

In this tutorial:

  • Account walkthrough
  • How to get started in your Travefy account
  • Setting up your profile and branding
  • Navigating your Travefy settings and account


Trip Dashboard & Sidebar

Discover your trip dashboard and how to navigate the trip sidebar features.

In this tutorial:

  • Navigating your trip dashboard
  • Overview of each trip's sidebar and features



Work seamlessly and keep organized with your team in Travefy.

In this tutorial:

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