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Getting Started Guide

A step-by-step walk through of Travefy to help you get started.

Table Of Contents:


Account, Profile, and Settings

Get a quick tour of the interface, profile and settings inside your Travefy account.

In this tutorial:

  • Your profile
  • Adding your branding
  • Settings & Security
  • Payment, billing & receipts



A quick overview of getting started building quotes and proposals with Travefy.

In this tutorial:

  • View a sample proposal
  • Creating a proposal
  • Adding events (bookings and information)
  • Client approvals



Watch a quick introduction to Travefy's award-winning itinerary builder.

In this tutorial:

  • Introduction to the interface
  • Settings & trip details
  • Adding Events
  • Sharing itineraries


Contacts (CRM)

Learn how to get started with Travefy's simple CRM.

In this tutorial:

  • Contacts overview
  • Importing, adding, editing contacts
  • Using Contacts with Forms



Securely collect client information or payment authorizations seamlessly with forms in Travefy.

In this tutorial:

  • Forms overview
  • Creating a form
  • Sending forms
  • Viewing client responses

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Website & Landing Page Builder

Learn how to create and host your website in Travefy.

In this tutorial:

  • Website builder overview
  • Creating new website elements
  • Domain masking


Adding Flights

Learn how to import live flight schedules from Travefy's built-in global flights database.

In this tutorial:

  • Travefy's quick-add flights tool
  • Importing booking confirmation emails
  • GDS copy/paste options
  • Automatic flight updates


Adding Hotels

Learn how to add hotels from Travefy's worldwide places database or add custom places.

In this tutorial:

  • Travefy's built-in hotel database
  • Adding content & photos
  • Accessing Virtuoso content


Activities & Excursions

Add beautiful, customized excursions, activities, and tours to any itinerary or proposal in a snap.

In this tutorial:

  • Adding activities & excursions
  • Importing content



Import itineraries or bookings from hundreds of suppliers integrated into Travefy.

In this tutorial:

  • Importing from 50+ cruise lines
  • Importing from 40+ tour operators for packaged/scheduled itineraries
  • Custom booking imports
  • Adding new supplier integrations


Adding Content

Make your itineraries and proposals stand out with eye-catching, photos, videos and content!

In this tutorial:

  • Travefy's built-in stock photo library
  • Uploading photos
  • Importing photos from supplier websites
  • Importing video


City Guides

Add City Guides and destination information from Travefy's Library of over 640+ destinations.

In this tutorial:

  • Using City Guides
  • Adding City Guides
  • Creating custom City Guides


Sending Itineraries

Learn how to send itineraries to clients and use collaboration.

In this tutorial:

  • Sending itineraries to clients
  • Exporting PDFs
  • Viewing the web itinerary
  • Accessing the mobile apps
  • Using collabortion


Mobile Apps

Create and send forms to collect client information quickly and efficiently.

In this tutorial:

  • Mobile app features
  • How clients access the Trip Plans app
  • Travefy Pro app for travel advisors
  • Troubleshooting


Credit Card Authorization Forms

Use PCI-compliant credit card authorization forms to securely collect and store client payment details.

In this tutorial:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Creating credit card authorization forms
  • Sending forms to clients
  • Viewing client payment details



Save time by saving content and information to your Library to add to future itineraries or proposals.

In this tutorial:

  • Overview of the Library
  • Creating content and saving to your Library
  • Organizing your Library



Work seamlessly and keep organized with your team in Travefy.

In this tutorial:

  • What are teams and how they work
  • Volume discount pricing for teams
  • Benefits of a team



Use Travefy to save time managing group itineraries, quotes, and proposals.

In this tutorial:

  • Using group itinerary management and tagging
  • Creating templates and copies for groups


Tasks & Task Lists

Set up tasks and reminders within your Travefy account so you never miss a thing!

In this tutorial:

  • Where to locate Tasks in your account and Travefy Pro mobile app
  • Creating tasks for trips and contacts
  • Setting up task lists in your Library
  • Assigning tasks to other team members


Invoicing & Payments

Easily and securely collect client payments for planning fees or professional fees directly in your Travefy account.

In this tutorial:

  • Setting up your Stripe account
  • Creating and sending invoices to your clients
  • Understanding how invoicing works and is safe and secure


Landing Pages

Landing pages are a perfect marketing tool to promote group trips, packages, cruises or destinations weddings.

In this tutorial:

  • Creating landing pages
  • Adding content
  • Creating registration forms
  • Sharing & promoting landing pages

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