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TripScope is now Travefy.

Former TripScope users can switch to TravefyPro at a huge discount.

Travefy Trip on iPhone and Computer
Travefy Trip on iPhone and Computer

Fast, fun, and easy.

Add activities, accommodations, flights, transportation, and cruises. Set times, add notes, fill out details to your heart's content.

“Hi Beth, here are all the details for your trip to Venice. I think you're going to love it!”

Beautiful on screen and paper.

Present the trip via a mobile-friendly link or our unbranded Trip Plans App for iPhone and Android. Export a gorgeous PDF for those clients that love seeing the trip on paper.

Travefy Trip on Smartphone and PDF

Your clients will think you spent countless hours planning their trip.

(We won't tell them you spent minutes.)

Travefy Database Search Interface

Automatically add places from our database.

Just type the name of restaurants, POIs or hotels and we'll add all the details—including Virtuoso amenities.

Travefy Place Editing Interface

Customize everything before presenting.

Don't want to give the client all the details quite yet? Just remove what you don't want to share.

Travefy Place Editing Interface

Sell the client with stunning imagery and rich details.

Create beautiful image galleries to create a visual and stunning itinerary that sells.

“Travefy’s features are nicer than the previous itinerary builder we had used. The final appearance of the itinerary we send to our clients is personally what sold me. ”

— Dr. Terika L. Haynes, Founder

Dynamite Travel • Switched to Travefy in 2016

Travefy Pro App Icon

Travefy Pro

Take care of your clients on the go.

Plus feature

Even if you are away from your desk, view any of your client itineraries and chat with clients on the go.

Trip Plans Icon

Trip Plans

Finally, an app your clients will love.

Plus feature

Your clients get a free, simple app to view their itinerary and receive updates from you. Offline-mode included!

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Travefy Pro and Trip Plans App

Want to use your own content? We're glad you asked.

Use your expertise to build a library of saved places, content and destination information you can use over and over again.

Travefy Custom Inventory Builder Interface

“It’s extremely user friendly and easy for me to provide my clients with a superior service that differentiates me within the industry.”

Travefy Email Confirmation Example

Auto-magically add detailed bookings.

Just forward any confirmation email to a special email address. We'll import the relevant information and add it to the itinerary in a beautiful, professional format.

Travefy Trip on iPhone and Computer

Integrated flights & cruises itineraries.

Use a database of built-in flights and cruises to automatically import itineraries with full details like photos, maps, times, and terminals.

Travefy Trip on iPhone and Computer

Import via ClientBase

Setup Travefy as a Live Connect provider to allow Travefy to auto-build itineraries from your ResCards.

“Itineraries that took 3-4 hours to create now take about 30 minutes.”

Team Diagram

Work as a team.

Add-on for All Plans

Link accounts together to access a shared content library as well as each others' itineraries. Admins can keep tabs on all the work being done.

Automatic Flight Updates

Automatic flight updates.

Plus Plan

Save time managing flight schedule changes. Travefy automatically updates all flight times and terminal/gate information for you.

Simple Pricing

TripScope users can switch to the Travefy Pro Plus Plan.

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