We love making travel simple. We're a passionate team of builders and problem solvers with significant development, strategy, and marketing experience.

Joey Becker - Travefy

Joey Becker

Software Engineer
Matt Bishop - Travefy

Matt Bishop

Client Champion
Doug Brandstetter - Travefy

Doug Brandstetter

Sales Representative
David Chait - CEO & Founder

David Chait

CEO & Founder
Chris Davis - CTO & Founder

Chris Davis

CTO & Founder
Kathy Estes - Travefy

Kathy Estes

Sales Representative
Sam Fruend - QA Analyst

Sam Freund

QA Analyst
Stephanie Gries - Senior Client Champion & Education Coordinator

Stephanie Gries

Marketing & Education Coordinator
Cameron Helkuik - QA Engineer

Cameron Helkuik

QA Engineer
Becky Henderson - Mobile Engineer

Becky Henderson

Senior Software Engineer
Haley Hofer - Travefy - Client Champion

Haley Hofer

Senior Client Champion
Yolo - Chief Culture Officer


Chief Culture Officer
Matt Posvar - Founding Team, Lead Developer

Matt Posvar

Principal Software Engineer, Founding Team
Kendra Rader - Travefy - Client Champion

Kendra Rader

Senior Client Champion
Scott Rutz - Founding Team, Sales & Marketing

Scott Rutz

VP Sales & Marketing, Founding Team
Andrea Ringsmuth - Travefy

Andrea Ringsmuth

Senior Product Designer
Jon Ronhovde - Travefy

Jon Ronhovde

Software Engineer
Danny Sasse - Travefy

Danny Sassé

Software Engineer
Toby Schroder - Chief Product Officer

Toby Schroder

Bonnie Schuerman - Travefy

Bonnie Schuerman

Client Champion
Jackie Walters - Senior Product Manager

Jackie Walters

Senior Product Manager

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Board of Directors & Board of Advisors

Sterling Miller

Sterling Miller

Board of Advisors, Travefy
Former General Counsel, Sabre
Former General Counsel, Travelocity
Steve Kiene

Steve Kiene

Board of Directors, Travefy
Founder & CEO, Ocuvera
Founder, Nebraska Global
Mike Murman

Mike Murman

Board of Advisors, Travefy
Founder, Pen-Link
Founder, Glacial Till

David Chait

Board of Directors, Travefy
CEO & Founder, Travefy

Chris Davis

Board of Directors, Travefy
CTO & Founder, Travefy