What will I see on this river cruise?
You will be immersed in the culture and history of the region. (And the food paired with award-winning wine)

Visit French châteaux from Burgundy to Provence, taste your way through the French culinary capital of Lyon and visit the Papal Palace in Avignon. While you’ll get more than a taste of Burgundy and Provence during this itinerary, the essence of these destinations will linger on your palate – and in your heart – for a lifetime!

Why a River Cruise?
"Oceans take you to countries...Rivers take you through them."-AmaWaterways

With over two decades of experience on the world’s rivers, AmaWaterways has remained focused on what they do best: providing guests with innovative and unforgettable travel experiences. 

When you step aboard AmaWaterways, each day brings a genuine smile that warms the heart, every river a new culture that inspires, and each course a moment to savor and share.