Jodie Wert, Founder & Owner

I have spent the past decade sharing my love of travel with others and helping clients to design their perfect itineraries to see this beautiful world! 

As a child, my family spent our summers camping in New England or visiting family on the Florida Coast. We traveled domestically along the East Coast and spent a lot of time in cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia & Baltimore. It was not till adulthood that I really began to explore the rest of our country and the world. I tend to fall in love with every destination I visit! I love being the feeling of experiencing a new place, a new culture and meeting new people. Some of my favorite places are Venice, Italy; Banff, Canada; Sydney, Australia; Hobart, Tasmania; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Kona, Hawaii, and New York City! I love to get lost in a new city, put my toes in the most beautiful water and take in the beauty of the mountains and wilderness. Next on my bucket list are hiking in New Zealand, experiencing a safari in South Africa, visiting the Christmas Markets in Europe, hiking the hills of Austria on a Sound of Music tour and seeing the snowcapped Swiss Alps.

Besides traveling, I value my faith and growing relationships with friends and family. I also love to bake gourmet goodies and host friends for girls’ nights. Connecting to new people and hearing their stories never gets old for me. Traveling has allowed me to experience my faith in such a powerful way. Visiting a new destination and marveling at the beauty of God’s creation is always life changing. Mark Batterson’s quote, “A change in pace + a change of place = a change of perspective” is exactly how I feel about travel. Travel changes me. Whether it’s visiting a Roman building built in 400 AD, standing on the edge of a cliff in Ireland, climbing to the top of a mountain in Canada or staring at the ocean on the coast of a Hawaiian shore, I am always reminded of how big God is and how great our world is, and with every trip, I always long to see more!

My dream is to give you the same types of life changing experiences and to provide you with opportunities to experience a change of pace and a change of perspective. My hope is that with every trip I design, I will connect you to a destination in a new way. I hope to be part of creating deeper relationships with your loved ones and with the communities you interact with. I hope you will experience a new culture, new foods, rich history and spectacular landscapes and that you will return home with a new perspective and a passion to see more of the world!