The Island

Jamaica, an island nation in the Caribbean Sea within the West Indies, is celebrated for its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking natural landscapes. Below are some intriguing facts about Jamaica:


- Jamaica ranks as the third-largest island in the Caribbean, after Cuba and Hispaniola.

- It covers roughly 4,240 square miles.


- Originally, the indigenous Taíno people settled the island.

- Following Christopher Columbus's arrival in 1494, the Spanish claimed Jamaica.

- The Spanish introduced African slaves to the island, resulting in a significant Afro-Jamaican demographic.

- In 1655, the English seized Jamaica, integrating it into the British West Indies.


- Jamaica achieved independence from the United Kingdom on August 6, 1962.

- It has a population of 2.8 million, making it the third most populous primarily English-speaking nation in the Americas.

Culture and Language:

- English is the official language, yet Jamaican Patois (known locally as “Jumieka”) is extensively spoken.

- Its motto, “Out of Many, One People,” mirrors the island's multicultural legacy.

Economy and Agriculture:

- During the era of British rule, Jamaica was a leading sugar exporter.

- The emancipation of all slaves in 1838 led to a shift towards subsistence farming.

Natural Beauty:

- The terrain of Jamaica is mountainous, featuring verdant rainforests, cascading waterfalls, and unspoiled beaches.

- It belongs to the Greater Antilles, a group that includes Cuba, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico.

Is it Safe?

Jamaica is one of those places most everyone wants to see. The lush landscapes, the mountains, and the beautiful blue waters are what draw people to this island nation to say "I've been there!"

Some would say it's not safe. Everyone has a different opinion. However, you should take the same precautions as any city in America. You must be aware of your surroundings and vigilant anywhere you go. 

So, should you travel to Jamaica? It's a personal decision of course.

If you choose to do so, consider Sandals Resorts! These adult-only all-inclusive resorts are a fantastic way to experience some of what Jamaica has to offer.

Sandals Jamaica
7 Amazing Adult-only Oases

Sandals Resorts are renowned for their luxurious, all-inclusive Caribbean escapes designed for adults. Highlights of Sandals Resorts include:

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Butler Service: included in some room categories.

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2 for 1: Some Sandals Resorts have access to the neighboring Sandals for more dining, bars and nightlife options!

When to Visit Jamaica

In Winter!

According to Sandals.com, the best time to visit Jamaica is when it's the coldest in the U.S. Yes! Peak season is mid-December to mid-April. Although the weather in Jamaica is spectacular year-round, visiting in the month of November to mid-December and mid-April to May will offer you the best prices just shouldering the peak season. Booking at a minimum of three months in advance will help avoid lack of availability. Booking six months out is recommended to secure your desired room. You must experience the pampering of Butler service at least once in your life!

How quickly can I get there?

Average flight time is 4.5 hours

Non-stop flights are available form most east coast major airports including JFK, Atlanta, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale.

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