Incredible India!

Whether exploring the iconic Taj Mahal, attending colorful festivals, or embarking on spiritual journeys along the Ganges River, India promises an adventure unlike any other. India offers a mesmerizing blend of vibrant cultures, rich history, and diverse landscape

Funding Your Program

Scholarship Options: WorldStrides offers a variety of scholarships to help make study abroad possible for all students. There are three scholarship opportunities available: Higher Ed Traveler, Diversity & Inclusion, and the Natalie Shea Memorial Scholarships. You can learn more and apply here.

Financial Assistance: WorldStrides makes more than $2 million in funding available each year to students in financial need seeking educational travel opportunities. To find out if you qualify and apply, click here.

Gift of Education: When you enroll in a WorldStrides program, a personal fundraising page will be created on your behalf. You can customize your page and share it with family or on social media to help raise funds for your program. To learn more, click here.