Costa Rica

The country

Costa Rica, nestled in Central America, may be small—comparable in size to Rhode Island—but it is renowned for some of the world's most breathtaking landscapes. It features spectacular waterfalls, verdant rainforests teeming with sloths, monkeys, and birds, and is also famed for its exquisite beaches, including Tamarindo Beach and the Papagayo Peninsula. The country is home to several national parks and natural wonders. Some of the top attractions include:

  • Arenal Volcano: An active volcano surrounded by hot springs and lush forests.
  • Manuel Antonio National Park: Famous for its diverse wildlife, including monkeys, sloths, and colorful birds.
  • La Paz Waterfalls: A series of beautiful waterfalls set in a rainforest.
  • Monteverde Cloud Forest: A misty forest with unique biodiversity.
  • Corcovado National Park: A remote and pristine rainforest teeming with wildlife.

Costa Rica
The people

Costa Ricans, known to be among the happiest people globally, embody the phrase "Pura Vida." This concept extends beyond its literal translation of "pure life" to represent a lifestyle that appreciates life's simple pleasures. 

Costa Ricans, or Ticos, are a multiethnic group of Spanish speakers predominantly of Castizo heritage, which denotes being three-quarters Spanish and one-quarter Indigenous, European, or Asian. Costa Rica prides itself on being a cultural melting pot, renowned for its amiable, peaceful nature, and takes pride in its rich history shaped by a tapestry of diverse influences.

Adventures Galore!

Costa Rica is a haven for adventurers, offering a plethora of activities ranging from ziplining through the jungle to surfing, snorkeling, fishing, waterfall sightseeing, horseback riding, hiking, and more!

The Seasons of Costa Rica

What's the best time to travel?

Dry Season (December to April):

  • The dry season is the most popular time to visit Costa Rica. It runs from December through April.
  • During this period, you can expect plenty of sunshine, making it ideal for exploring rainforests, lounging on beaches, and enjoying outdoor activities.
  • Wildlife watching opportunities include spotting Alaska/California humpback whales and sea turtles (hawksbill, leatherback, green, and olive ridley) on the Pacific coast.
  • Pros: Clear skies, reduced rainfall, and vibrant landscapes.
  • Cons: Higher tourist traffic and increased hotel rates during peak travel dates

Green Season (May to November):

  • The green season, also known as the rainy season, runs from May through November.
  • While there’s more rain during this time, there are several perks:
    • Discounted hotel rates: You can find better deals on accommodations.
    • Less crowded: Fewer tourists mean a quieter experience.
    • Active wildlife: The rain brings out more animals.
    • Sunny mornings and afternoon rain showers: Perfect for morning excursions and afternoon relaxation.
    • Keep in mind that the Caribbean Coast remains hot, humid, and rainy year-round, with a short break in September and October.
Monthly Breakdown

January: Dry season, clear skies, and lingering holiday crowds.

February & March: Still in the dry season, fantastic weather. Tourist spike over Easter and related holidays.

April: Dry season continues.

May & June: Transition to the green season. Quieter national parks.

July & August: Shoulder season on the Pacific coast.

September & October: Short break in the Caribbean Coast’s rainy pattern.

November: Green season continues.

December: Peak travel season due to Christmas and New Year.

Options for getting around

Self guided versus small group or private tours

Car rentals can be found at both of Costa Rica's airports. The primary airport is located in the capital city, San Jose, while the smaller one in Liberia is closer to the resorts, as well as Lake Arenal and its volcano. For those who prefer not to drive, local tour companies offer both small group and private tours. Tempting Travels can arrange all these services for you.

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