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Dear Colleagues & Friends, 

Please read on to know what makes us your best choice as a Muslim Travel & Tour Incoming Partner Agency in Spain, know our offer and how we work to integrate our service with your own, finding common goals and schemes that will benefit all parts involved. 

  • LOCALLY ROOTED: Committed to recover and strengthen our Islamic Heritage, creating social and community awareness of the needs of visiting & local Muslim in Spain.
  • FULLY GUIDED & ASSISTED: Discover the most amazing and essential Islamic sites by the hand of our local Muslim guides.
  • TRAVEL PLANNING & TIME OPTIMISATION: Personalized approach. Get your quote in the next 24h.
  • BEST HOTEL GROUP DEALS: We know that money is crucial. Get the best service at fair prices.

I will rapidly go through the main sections of our home site so that you may check it out and perhaps help us get more traffic from your own contacts and areas of influence/distribution, or simply for you to know our offer:

http://www.alandalus-experience.com has our main offer listings and also custom forms integrated to our back end planning tools which allow us to respond within one rapid administration session, so usually within 24/48 h we have your plans rolling, and we also have a large part of our offer available 27/7 through a central reservation system, for which we can also offer affiliate integrations to set up with ease into any html website of your own so that you can flexibly extend our offer to your own clients, friends or the public through your own brand and with creative schemes whereby you can earn from booking individual activities, offered at a discounted rate to your own public, and also by joining numbers towards our regular scheduled group tours, where depending on the final group size confirmed for each session, there are margins and funds to me made by travel professionals & group tour leaders, travel agencies & wholesale partners, teachers & scholars, influencers, website administrators, schools, organisations, and any online or physical point open to the public, with full branding , B2B integrations and personal admin & bookings, support, all matching your own brand and can be managed seamlessly on auto-pilot for you aside of your regular promotional campaings.

  1. http://www.alandalus-experience.com/group-tour-schedule-offer-deals will show you our regular tour at it’s public price. For professional collaborators and distributors we cannot provide a net fixed amount per pax sold, but a net price, and a discount which will increase upon the final group size confirmed for each session, so that you may confirm only 1 pax and obtain the benefit of a larger group standards and discounts . Please ask for more information on our regular tour group growth shares scheme.
  2. http://www.alandalus-experience.com/#form Request any custom 'Travel Plan' through our planning form. With ten years experience in planning we not wasted any time in structuring a base of variable options which we can apply to any route, updating hotels to your requested dates within one brief administration session, which keeps our service totally person focused, in spite of high tech used. You can choose and select values for your group size, services to be included and even cities, getting a rapid estimate for the final choices as a price per pax and per group. We will do our best to provide our full response and a 'Travel Plan Demo Sample' for you to view online within 24-48h.
  3. http://www.alandalus-experience.com/#our-cities This third button will scroll the page down for you to access our featured cities, which based on a solid system, we are now intending to grow into new locations within upcoming seasons. We shall keep these as a surprise for now.
  4. http://www.alandalus-experience.com/#travelplans choose a travel plan, to suit your own dates and standards, each travel plan may be served in a number of very distinct service levels from personally guided to self-driven, or combined modalities. Depending on each different group size, the nature and style of every trip, and providing best hotel rates towards any dates, our admin support team advises on a per request basis as to match the standards and budget desired for each different occasion. 
  5. http://www.alandalus-experience.com/#city-plans An independent approach through our City Plans, including highlight UNESCO monument and city tours at each of our feature cities, feel free to explore. We also support all of our tours with a Travel Plan App providing each itinerary with it’s highlights on a downloadable mobile app, with gps references and our text introduction to each location. From here you may also find a discount code available towards our City Plans. We also provide an option for travel agents to provide your own discount code to your clients, for them and you to earn discounts /fees. Please ask us about our online catalog integration schemes and we will provide your own branded website integration of our online catalog offer in display.

We invite you to think about the possibilities we can gather together by collaborating in any of the above lines or work, we have already set multiple ways of collaboration and are ready to hear about your own business proposals. We are determined to continue in our development and the promotion of our causes, as well as to continue as a sustainable service by keeping the standard up for our partners

  • Since 2013 we took on a legal travel agent license (CIAN 186365-2) in order to handle all the necessary bookings and legal insurances towards our tours to the world. From 2017 we have been establishing local delegations on a per city basis hereby offering our tours and activities directly from the centre of each of the main Golden Age Cities of Al-Andalus: Cordoba, Granada, Sevilla, and to continue through our main featured tour cities and main arrival destinations in Spain /Europe to include Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon & the main Moroccan cities is where we are now. As we continue to develop we intent to provide adequate connections through Europe on the same model of establishing local delegations/managers at each main European city centre. 
  • Permanent efforts with the distribution on the digital front have also taught us to integrate our routes into the technological and virtual realm, interacting in real time with the world of digital API connections and the internet. We, therefore, are extending our invitation for any brand, organization, professional individual or team, whether exclusively travel related or not, to integrate our offer into your own website, obtaining significant shares from any confirmed service through a fully administrable online channel, to any commercial or social cause. This you may manage with your own private users through a little introduction from us on the technical method. This all makes us able to continue operating and offer the distribution of our activities through worldwide partners and collaborators, in so increasing the confirmed possibilities for any traveller to choose from, by confirming our tour sessions more frequently through a larger distribution network.
  • We can now provide third-party organisations with a very feasible method to raise funds for any given cause, through supporting our own or developing new programs for the public to enjoy. We have produced schemes for you, your company or your organization to benefit widely with minimum extra effort from your side. As many of our tour sessions confirm to given final group size, we are ready to share the funds surplus created into two or three ways as the group size rises over our minimum confirmed group size. You may benefit from our collaboration by merely distributing our existing catalog online with pre-discounted set fees per section, or by partnering with us towards a given program of your own interest and specifications which we will then include to our own public catalogue and digital distribution channels sharing in a negotiated pre-estimated manner through final confirmed group size discount tables, per participant sold (from any distribution point in our network) which we negotiate and share with you in advance.
  • Our current progress and the possibilities we can now offer for you as our distribution collaborator or any type of event partner are very complete and flexible and will empower you both into the deep knowledge of our area, Spain, from its historical roots until today; as well as provide you with ten years advantage in logistics, planning, licensing, administrative processes, catalogue integration, event or sales website templates (& hosting & installation should you require it) and above all, the support of our still small but well positioned and active local human team.
  • Since 2018 we are extending a day by day digital app Travel Plan where we place all of our local insight and research into a day by day program, for guests to benefit from with GPS location references, further reading and information with discount codes back to our own (*or your own) website, in order to book our tours in person at each location, to our guests on board any tour or event. Co-branding and your own manager role per itinerary are also integrated into our Virtual Travel Plan app.
  • In case you are a travel agent who’s speciality and business is built around hotel reservations and flights, we provide all of our tour package services in a “Tour Services Only” modaily at best professional rates, meeting your own and your company needs in ground services in Spain as a doorway into Europe. This option still allows for you to choose one or two main meals in the day to be provided as a group along with our plan, since our meals are not based inside the hotels but each planned especially within our Travel Plan featured tours.
  • Since 2018 we own an asset brand which we use to mask our own commercial brand easing collaborations with other third party brand focused collaborators, welcome to Al-Andalus Experience 3.0 Collaboration Brand: 'White Label Tours' hence the domain name above and in all of our 'Online Digital Travel Plans' , of which you will find below our featured routes.

These have been only the main visible parts of our local initiative efforts to secure our service into the future in shaa a' Allah, I hope we can count on your help and support to all of our common causes by creating fruitful collaborations on a personal and professional level. 

I will appreciate any help from your organisation/foundation/school in support to due further development of our goals and organisation, in the promotion of our causes, helping the team behind this project to continue being of service daily to worldwide travellers, Muslims and not alike, while developing as a sustainable network of service providers for our market to remain dynamic and up to the standards expected by today’s wide range of travellers and explorers.

Please get to me with any questions or further information on anything we can help you with in Spain or nearabouts, thank you.

Regards and Salam, from Andalucía, Spain.

Ahmad Zaruq Summers


Senior Tour Conducting Guide,

Founder & General Manager 


Welcome to Andalusia, any time.

Email: contact@alandalus-experience.com

@ twitter: livealandalus http://twitter.com/livealandalus

@ facebook: http://www.facebook.com/alandalus.experience

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