Travel specialist

My name is Tung. I have lived in three different countries across the globe, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Iceland. Iceland is the place where I have been spending most of my time, fifth-teen years until now. Since I came here, I had my first job as a receptionist in a hotel in Reykjav√≠k, in the course of ten years, I have been working in different hotels and positions in the hotel business, where I learned different skills. Especially, customer service, itinerary design, hotel management and, etc. 

I did not know Iceland existed until I read the science fiction novel "The journey to the center of the Earth", this really makes me imaging about this place, the land of fire and ice. Now, here I am, without any regret, I love this place!

I enjoy traveling as much as many of you out there who are reading this text right now. I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to travel around the country and learn a lot about the culture and attractions here in Iceland. 

In 2015, I convinced one of my best friends to join my adventure, we decided to open an online travel consultancy and later it became our travel agency in 2017, it's called "Iceland Highlights your personal travel designer in Iceland".

I have been working at Iceland Highlights as a travel designer for over three years now, I have found that my skills and expertise helped many people with travel solutions, and I believe that I am also able to help you here as well. So, if you need any travel assistance to Iceland, please don't hesitate to reach out to me, I am always happy to help. 

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