Tracey Teuber

Unraveled Travel, LLC specializes in trips to Europe and sustainable wildlife tourism.  Each trip is customized and created especially for you.  

I lived in Europe for 6 years and traveled extensively.  I work with local contacts to provide a unique experience.  I plan trips of the highlights of Europe  (for example, Venice, Florence, and Rome) or destinations a bit further off the beaten path (like Slovenia).  I am here to create the journey of your dreams. 

I do the same for sustainable wildlife tourism.  These trips are to see animals in the wild such as the Orangutan in Borneo, Mountain Gorilla in Rwanda or Wild Dogs in South Africa.  I have personally traveled to each of these areas, as well as  others, and focus on sustainability in travel.  A portion of all money is given back to conserve the species you are going to visit. 

Please contact me to start planning your next travel adventure.

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