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Diane Bailey has been in the airline and retail travel
industry for many years. In 1976, she began her career in the airline industry
and after several years started her own agency. She has been running a busy and
successful company since 1982. With a staff of five her main business is
corporate travel, however, the company is also very involved in holiday travel
that offers a challenge.

Her personal expertise falls within the realms of Africa
Australia and Europe. She chooses to offer customized and/or private safaris to
the African continent, various specialty tours to the wine lands of South
Africa and tours to famous battlefields on both sides of the Atlantic. Always
innovative, Diane has expanded to include: Spiritual Retreats in Tuscany,
educational excursions, group tours including choirs, ensembles, musicians, and

Diane’s appreciation for travel stems from her family’s
military background as a child. It afforded a practical view of the world while
creating the groundwork for her profession. Her outgoing nature combined with
her military discipline allows her to manage her business and participate in
her many interests and memberships which include the following: The Royal
Canadian Military Institute, The St. George’s Society, The National Ballet of
Canada, Hunters Glen Golf Club, Brampton Horticultural Society, Foxbury Farms,
The Ontario Jaguar Owners Association, The Australian Wine Society, and The
Executive Women’s Golf Association. She has volunteered for many years at
senior’s homes and currently volunteers in the ER Department at the William
Osler Health Centre in Brampton. In addition to this, Diane is a regular
contributor at the blood donor clinic. Among her accomplishments, Diane is an
accomplished rider, certified scuba diver, a gourmet cook, and enjoys
water-skiing and snow shoeing.

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