I am a wife, mother of 3, former teacher and author. We have traveled 48 states in our conversion van over the past 8 years. Our goal is ”50 states before they graduate”. Hawaii was supposed to be our 49th but the Covid19 outbreak didn’t allow us to go. So, Hawaii and Alaska are our last two, though, my husband and I have been to Hawaii.  I have mapped out 8 road trips, approximately 16 days each hitting different states there and back. I have also planned 21 day trips and shorter trips for family and friends. These trips were the best decision our family has made. We, not only, learned about our amazing country, but we learned about each other and how to get along. 

Let me plan your unique trip down to the places to eat, sleep and play! You can visit my blog to see all of the fun things we have seen and done on our trips (I admit editing errors in the blog because I wrote on the fly.) I also have a facebook page with kids activities for each state. My kids worked on them in the car to learn about the states we went to. 

$250 per week planning- Includes: Introduction and collaboration meetings (Zoom, phone, email, in person etc.), map with directions, mileage, approx. gas, and activities. Also, includes full day by day itinerary  with researched hotel or camping options, recommended restaurants, activities, waypoints that follow your interests and desires for your trip. You can view them online or print a pdf. You can also add other friends and family and payment share online.  $35 per day over 7 days.  Not included: I do not make reservations. You choose from options provided and make your decisions. I prefer not to do research on flights.

$150 per weekend up to 4 days (3 nights).  Includes all of the above. $35 per day over 4 days.

Lesser fee options available.

I take the research and legwork out of the planning for you. I hold no responsibility for unexpected weather, the condition of your experience with the accommodations that you choose, your enjoyment of activities suggested or incidents that may occur on your Road trip. Though, I do my best to search for the safest locations, routes and activities for your family. My goal is to help make your planning easier using tools that I subscribe to, my experiences and the information you provide me.  I spend  20+ hours working on a week long vacation personalizing it for you and then remain in contact with you to answer questions and guide you further. I look forward to helping your plan your next trip.

Let’s VanGogh!