Big Five Tours & Expeditions

  • Explore the fascinating world of graffiti art on this unique journey through Guatemala, Colombia and Argentina, meeting some of today’s recognized artists
  • Travel to villages in Guatemala with artistic traditions that reflect the indigenous Kaqchikel and Tz’utujil peoples
  • Learn how Colombia has embraced graffiti as the artistic expression of its people and is gaining international attention, especially in Bogota, and take in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cartagena’s historic enter with its 17th century wall, built to protect the city with its vaults and archways that now s serve as an artisan and craft center
  • Discover the street art of Buenos Aires, a city that has becomes a flourishing center for restriction-free graffiti and other art that is attracting both local and international artists
  • Enjoy the company of knowledgeable specialist guides who have backgrounds in archeology, history, journalism and related fields