My name is Siroun

I have studied Archaeology and volunteered with many foreign archaeological missions, meanwhile, I was working in the travel and tourism field, which shows my passion for history and travel. After moving to Canada, I have decided to study at Seneca College Tourism and travel operations program for the purpose to gain experience and exposure to the Canadian system and market.

I created Armani Vacations as I wanted to concentrate on giving my customers the highest possible levels of personal service and independent travel advice using my 14 years of experience.

I use award-winning technology and my personal expertise to tailor makes exactly the right holiday to suit your needs, rather than selling you a standard tour operator package, I can quickly search through hundreds of different flights, accommodation, and transfer alternatives to find something that suits your needs exactly. Quite often this means I can build you a bespoke holiday at a cheaper price than the standard holiday package you might get elsewhere.

I have many great ideas for honeymoons, from lazy days in the sun to a cruise in the wonderful Mediterranean, and can spend as much time as needed to get the correct trip organized and make it a holiday of a lifetime.

I’ve traveled to many places in this beautiful world from the Maldives to the picturesque ski slopes of Armenia. Other destinations I have visited include Canada, UAE, Montenegro, Bahrain, England, Warsaw, Germany, Jordan, Oman, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait , Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Nagorno Gharapagh, Turkey, and much more.

I’m always open to opportunities to learn new skills and seek undiscovered destinations and traditions worldwide.

Live life, love travel!

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