Meet Robin,

With a touch of elegance and a stroke of precision, Robin Bandong transports you to worlds waiting to be discovered. Bringing to the table a career that spans over 19 captivating years, Robin's expertise extends generously across destinations and travel types, with a particular love for Europe and Cruising.

Europe, with her manifold cultures, historical tapestries, and gustatory wonders, is a canvas on which Robin crafts meticulous, handpicked journeys that resonate with the aspirations of each traveler. Whether it’s wine tasting in France, discovering the hidden gems of Italy, or wandering in the cobblestoned alleys of Spain, every European itinerary is as unique as the traveler and is imbued with Robin's personalized touch.

Away from land, the expansive oceans and rivers of the world beckon, with cruises catered expertly by Robin. Be it the smooth serenity of a River Cruise, the grandeur of the open Ocean, or the exhilarating wild of an Expedition, Robin channels her profound love for cruising into curated floating escapes that are designed to mesmerize, all against the ebbing rhythm of the waves.

'Dream. Discover. Immerse' with Robin at Outlander Travel - Personalized Journeys across Europe & Bespoke Cruising experiences waiting to set sail.

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