Nivita Marks, the visionary founder and owner of Sand&Sun Luxury Travel, LLC, is a seasoned traveler with an unbridled passion for curating extraordinary experiences. With a background in hospitality and a keen eye for luxury, Nivita embarked on a journey to redefine travel as a transformative luxury.

 Having explored the globe extensively, Nivita's deep understanding of diverse cultures, exclusive destinations, and meticulous attention to detail sets her apart in the luxury travel industry. Her commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences, paired with a dedication to sustainability and responsible tourism, ensures that every journey she designs is not only opulent but also environmentally conscious.

 Nivita's unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and her ability to turn dreams into reality make her the trusted guide for travelers seeking the pinnacle of luxury and adventure. With Sand&Sun Luxury Travel, Nivita Marks invites you to embark on a journey beyond the ordinary, where each experience is a masterpiece of elegance and indulgence."