I wanted to travel ever since I can remember, although it didn't really happen until I was in my 20s, once it did, it was a dream come true. I love seeing the world, the people, the cultures, the history, the beauty, just everything. Nothing makes me feel more alive than getting to experience the world.

Getting to help others to do that and have experiences and memories that will be with them forever is a dream come true. Even when I'm just learning about new places to expand my knowledge, it makes me come alive and takes me to a happy place. That is why I love this job.

It has become more evident in the last 18 months how important it is to use a travel agent. We want the best for you, our services are free and if anything goes wrong we fight for you and liase with whoever we need to in order to get the best result we can for you, to take the stress away from you! Even from the conception stage of your trip, we trawl through different suppliers, flights, hotels etc again and again if needed until what is offered is perfect for you and then take care of the whole booking process for you to again, take any stress from you so that you can travel more and stress less.

It would be my pleasure to help you however I can with any plans you may have or to give you info on how to have your own travel business, so please do get in touch!

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