Regular cannabis seeds are the original form of cannabis seed, and unlike their feminized counterparts, they have not been genetically modified to produce only female plants. This means that regular cannabis seeds have a roughly even chance of producing male and female plants, which can be advantageous for growers looking to breed their own strains or simply maintain genetic diversity in their crops.

Regular cannabis seeds are the most common form of cannabis seeds available on the market. These seeds are produced naturally, without any genetic manipulation or alteration. Also known as non-feminized seeds, regular cannabis seeds have an equal probability of producing male or female plants. This means that roughly half of the seeds will develop into male cannabis plants, while the other half will develop into female plants. Growing regular cannabis seeds requires more attention and care than growing feminized seeds, since male plants need to be removed to prevent them from pollinating the female plants and reducing their potency. However, regular cannabis seeds are preferred by many growers for their genetic diversity, which can lead to unique and robust strains. It is essential to understand the characteristics of regular cannabis seeds before purchasing or growing them to ensure successful cultivation.

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