Those Who Hurt Us Do Not Love Us

We are blinded by love. Oftentimes, we are unable to see the mistakes of our partner. These mistakes are justified and forgiven over and over again.

But who does not love us that also hurt us? If a man really loves you, he will not hurt you.

If you let your man continue to hurt you, he will claim your right to happiness and true love.

Marriage breakups are very often inevitable. Sometimes, love dies without reason: It was simply a traveler who decided to join us for a time, and after completing its work, it’ll say goodbye to us.

But on other occasions, the love does not die, it is our beloved who murdered us mercilessly with each cry; indifference and action that hurts us …

The pain is staying in our hearts and with each passing days, love is dying in our arms that we can do nothing for it to breathe again. Powerless, we lie on the floor contemplating what once was glory and today fills us with sadness. But after so many tears, our eyes are washed and finally we can see the reality. In the end, after the water wet our soul, we have awakened from this vain dream. It made us sleep happily in the middle of nightmares.

Our love was so great that we used to mention whatever we wanted for ourselves. Be careful and don't talk to strangers about what you don't think is necessary

We always forgive and justify everything, but now we noticed all these errors than before. Their lack of attention and details, their bad moods that was “unloading” with us, their silences, their unwise words… In short, he no longer was the man whom we fall in love with, someone had changed without notice … Now what do we do? Why remain on the side of those who never love us? Why be with the man who gives us only disappointments?

This is not to seek blame for what has already happened. It is a question of alternatives to heal a heart that has been torn by the sadness of a bad love.

Do not stick to a man who does not exist; there are no second chances for a man to show his face, to fall in love and to keep us with him. But when you feel you are “safe” in his life, he will show us his real self and makes us treated like garbage as he pleases.

No! We deserve more! And we love someone or what it once was, so we have this strong feeling in our heart that is beating. Do not end with your dignity, show the strength to say: “My life without you is better!” Do not expect a change for he will never do it. Those who must change are ourselves and we must begin to draw back from our world to the one who only causes us to cry.

True love never hurts. Why do you think that this unfortunate being hurt us? It was not because you loved him, but because he never did.

There is still time to recover ourselves. Do you think that you are valuable? Yes? Then prove it!

Love yourself woman. You yourself are the beginning of true love.

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