I’m a wife & mom, living on the beautiful gulf coast of Florida. 

But I’ve lived in many other places from Virginia, to Central Florida, Colorado, and Canada ! I’m your local go-to travel planner for all things Disney, Universal Studios, cruises, all-inclusive vacations, or a simple hotel stay .

My love for travel led me to become a Travel Agent at Middle of the Magic Travel, where I have been hand-crafting amazing travel experiences for clients. I have my degree in Hospitality & Tourism, so when it comes to planning my clients’ vacations, I think about the smallest of details, that create an amazing experience. 

I specialize in families with small children, to couples-only romantic vacations , to those with special diets . It’s important to me that I create a vacation specific to your family’s preferences! 

From central Florida to California I’ve got you covered. Ready for an adventure?

With my concierge-level services you will have access to me throughout your planning process, and even during your vacation, and you will also receive tips and tricks, along with a detailed itinerary tailored to your family. 

Did you know when you book a vacation yourself, a commission fee is already added in to the supplier whether you use an agent or not? So if you aren't using a travel agent, you are essentially paying for a service you are not using!  

Sit back, relax, and let me do all the work, at no additional cost to you!


I can’t wait to help you with your next family vacation!