Hi, I'm Elizabeth! I'm a travel advisor specializing in:

  • all-inclusive beach resorts
  • honeymoons
  • Universal Studios
  • Walt Disney World
  • cruises

Booking your trip through me is the same price as booking on your own! That's because agent commission is already built-in to the price of any resort/cruise/package whether you use an agent or not. If you opt to book on your own without an agent, it's like going through the self checkout at the grocery store - the price is exactly the same. For something as important as a vacation, having an expert ready to help you at every step of the way is invaluable. 

When you book through me, I will:

  • help you find the perfect destination and package for you
  • keep track of payment deadlines
  • make dining reservations (for Disney, these open at 5am CST - you can sleep in while I do the work)
  • modify your package if needed
  • monitor for promotions that I can apply to your reservation to automatically save you money
  • provide a custom itinerary for your trip
  • advocate for you in case of any issues during travel

Ready to get started? Submit a request for a free quote here - I can't wait to work with you to plan the best vacation ever! 

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