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Enjoy a gastronomic Parma food tour, home of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Parma prosciutto ham, and Bologna, considered one of the culinary capitals of Italy, a vibrant city that is also home to Europe’s oldest university. Visit local farms and wine cellars, taste gastronomic specialties, and eat like you’ve never eaten before during this discovery of the Via Emilia!

The Via Emilia, or Via Aemilia, was an old Roman road completed in 187 BC that traverses northern Italy and runs through the fertile Po river plain, the renowned “Pianura Padana,” of the Emilia Romagna region.

Emilia Romagna is known as the “food basket of Italy” and considered by many to be the gastronomic capital of Italy. The products of this fertile land have been praised through the centuries, and you will discover them on a Parma cheese and ham tour. Taste the delicious balsamic of Modena, visit the curing cellars of a world-famous culatello producer, and delight in a Parma parmesan tour during this 7-night trip. These are but a few of the Parma food tours you will enjoy during your stay.

Head to Bologna for a Bolgona food tour and hands-on cooking class discovering the local pastas. Bologna is a beautiful and vibrant city. Stroll through its famed porticos, have a coffee on the main piazza, and enjoy visits to the local markets and gourmet shops. You will have the opportunity to hone your culinary tastes and techniques in two of the most charming cities of this region!

If you do not have a full week at your disposal for our combination Parma Italy cheese tour and Bologna food tour, this can also be offered as a shorter itinerary featuring only Parma or Bologna.